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High CBD & CBG Smokable Products

We are proud to offer our high CBD and CBG flower from 1/8 of an ounce up to 10s of pounds. We grow all of our  hemp using only organic practices and we never spray with any pesticides or chemicals.

We also offer CBD and CBG solventless bubble hash for smoking or product making. It is clean and full of flavor and terps! Order by the gram or ounce.

Last but least we offer easy and enjoyable hemp pre-rolls. 1+ gram of high CBD or CBG hemp packed nicely into an organic Raw King Size cone. Also available with a flavorful and effective does of our solventless CBG hash.

We are also happy to send out samples to any business who is interested. Please contact us if you would like some flower to see and smell for yourself.

Please call or email with any flower needs! 

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